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It appears we are too gay for ebay....

MC999 Listing policy violation alert: Adult Material

Hello magicsuk,

After reviewing your eBay account, it appears that you have violated eBay's Adult Material policy. We realize you may not have been aware of this policy, or that this may have been a simple oversight, but unfortunately, we had to take the following actions:
- Violating listings have been removed.  A list of removed items is available further down in this email.
- We have credited any associated fees to your account.

To learn about our adult only policy, go to: 

Here are the listings we removed.
221293813338 - Mens Ladies Novelty Jumper Sweatshirt Christmas Gay Reindeer Gay interest
221293818223 - Mens Ladies Novelty Jumper Sweatshirt Christmas Snowman Gay Lesbian Interest
221293819122 - Mens Ladies Novelty Jumper Sweatshirt Christmas Snowman2 Gay Lesbian Interest
221294881949 - Reindeer Christmas Jumper T-shirt Rainbow Scalf Lesbian and Gay Interest
221294885030 - Snowman Christmas Jumper T-shirt Wearing Rainbow Scalf Lesbian and Gay Interest
221294885796 - Snowman2 Christmas Jumper T-shirt Wearing Rainbow Scalf Lesbian and Gay Interest



Hi Helen,

Thank you for contacting Customer Support regarding recent listings that were removed.
As discussed I have spoken with Trust and Safety and they have confirmed that you are not allowed to list such items as Gay and Lesbian interest. You can however list the item as festive rainbow as the item in question has a image of an animal that has a rainbow scarf.

I hope this information is helpful, if you have any further queries, please contact Customer Support.

Erin Kelly
Customer Support

Hello Helen,

My name is Steve and I’m happy to resolve your concern regarding the removal of your listings.

I certainly understand you are concerned regarding the removal. I’d like to share that this removal is no way meant to question your honesty.

I reviewed your listings and could see that you mentioned “Gay Interest” in the title of your listing. Our policy expert team is taking action against listings where member is selling  New/Used clothing items and mentioning these words. I'd request you to avoid words like “Gay Interest, Scally” in your listings. You item is perfectly fine, you may relist it without such words in your listing.

There has been a trend of adult or fetish themed used clothing items being listed on the site; these items are not a positive reflection on eBay or our member community. As such we remove any items we feel include inappropriate or adult related content. In making this assessment we review the full listing content including description and images. We ask you do not relist your item in such a manner that the listing depicts an adult nature. You can list genuine item which complies with the eBay policy.

I trust this information is helpful. We appreciate your co operation in this matter.

Kind regards,

Steve Jude

eBay Trust & Safety